Last Match
Last match: Wed, May 25th versus West Hoathly. Result: West Hoathly 41, Frant 42
Next Match
Next match is against Crowborough Wolfe Bowling Club on Sat, May 28th at 14.30 at Crowborough Dress: Whites, format: 5 mixed triples.
Forthcoming Events
On Fri, June 3rd at 10.00, Queen's Jubilee Celebrations. Venue: The Green.
Gardening Rota: From Sunday 1st May, 2022 to Tuesday 31st May, 2022, Rob Neve (L), Chris Hall.
Gardening Rota: From Wednesday 1st June, 2022 to Thursday 30th June, 2022, Geoff Train (L), Colin Sargeant.
Green Cutting Rota: From Monday 16th May, 2022 to Sunday 22nd May, 2022, Chris.
Green Cutting Rota: From Monday 23rd May, 2022 to Sunday 29th May, 2022, Michael.
Green Cutting Rota: From Monday 30th May, 2022 to Sunday 5th June, 2022, Jeff.
Green Cutting Rota: From Monday 6th June, 2022 to Sunday 12th June, 2022, Chris.