Drawn pairs and Presidents cup 2022Drawn pairs and Presidents cup 2022
Open final 2022Open final 2022
Michael and Chris with marker Brian
Two wood final 2022Two wood final 2022
Centenary bowlersCentenary bowlers
...including Brian, Jeff, Diane, Hazel and Pete
Centenary match playCentenary match play
Centenary Match 2022Centenary Match 2022
Playing members, visiting teams, spectators and helpers at the match on Sunday 10th July, 2022.
Presidents Day 2022 againPresidents Day 2022 again
Presidents Day 2022Presidents Day 2022
Frant Bowls Club September 2021Frant Bowls Club September 2021
Frant Bowls Club March 2021Frant Bowls Club March 2021
The green in lockdownThe green in lockdown
The green, December 2018The green, December 2018
Michaels touchersMichaels touchers
At the Ladies v Gents club event on June 27th, Michael, playing as an honorary lady to even up numbers, got a toucher in the ditch and with his next wood ditched the jack, following it in. Unbeatable!
Frant Bowls Club 1925Frant Bowls Club 1925
The green, June 2018The green, June 2018
The green, March 2018The green, March 2018
Green levelling - flooded!Green levelling - flooded!
Wednesday, August 25th, 5pm. 14 tonnes of rootzone were applied on Tuesday despite the rain which was so heavy on Wednesday that the green flooded and no more work was done that day.
Green levelling - turf removedGreen levelling - turf removed
Monday, August 24th. By 4.30pm all the turf has been removed, although the turf cutting machine proved impossible to control well enough to get consistently thick turf.
Aerial View of Frant Bowls greenAerial View of Frant Bowls green
High aerial view of Frant greenHigh aerial view of Frant green
By Bill Hunter
Green Survey Party July 2014Green Survey Party July 2014
Presidents Day 2012Presidents Day 2012
Spectators, finals day 2010Spectators, finals day 2010
Andrew, Brian, George, David, Robin and Helen
Map of Frant Bowls ClubMap of Frant Bowls Club